Thursday, 27 February 2014

Skinfood Milky Rose Spring 2014 Makeup Collection

Spring is coming and one of my fave Korean brand, Skinfood, has just released their Spring 2014 makeup collection, Milky Rose. This collection includes lots of coral and pink tones, resembled the roses beautifully. The new collection contains makeup fixer, lip lacquers, nail polishes, blushers, makeup remover and nail stickers.

Rose Essence Soft Cream Blusher
(3.5g | KRW8,000)
Like the name says, this is a cream blusher but when it comes into contact with your skin, it becomes powdery and dries to a matte finish. I've read on several blogs that they are extremely blendable.

Vita Color Lip Lacquer
(2.5g | KRW8,000)
You may think..nah, it just another lip product. But, this one is different, well, slightly different. 
This is a mousse tip lip product, comes with a click pen applicator and synthetic brush. One end is the button where you push to dispense the product like a mechanical pencil and at the other end, the product comes out onto the brush. The colors are really pretty pinks and corals. 
This may be in a liquid mousse form but dries to a matte finish. Similar concept with NYX SMLC, CLIO Lipnicure or the newest, Etude House Lips Fit, but in pen form. Matte lips are in trend, really.
I personally like the concept of the packaging, but, with this type of application the brush will gets dirty very easily and looks like a mess.

Rose Shake Point Make-up Remover
(160ml | KRW6,900)
This is a milky based makeup remover, and the adorable part is, it has pink color! Imagine a bottle of strawberry milkshake.. yum!

Rose Essence Moist Make-up Fixer
(80ml | KRW8,000)
Sorry I can't get the actual photos of this product. I've googled it but I just found this instead.
I haven't tried any Skinfood makeup fixer (like Red Orange makeup finish). But, on several blogs I found that when you use this, a lot of liquid comes out per spray so I don't recommend spraying this directly to your face. Spray it into the air and then move your face to catch the mist may be the best way to use this product.

Nail Vita Alpha
(10ml | KRW2,500)
I love Skinfood nail polishes, although the may not be the best, but I love their concept and packaging, girly and vintage at the same time. Plus, these are really nice colors for spring - very floral and feminine.

Easy Nail Stickers
(1st design: 18pcs | KRW2,500 and 2nd design: 19pcs | KRW1,500)
This is the part that I'm not excited enough. The stickers sure have lovely-floral-themed design.. but well, I will never had a chance to wear nail art that often, maybe once a month, for just a week.


Well, I want to try them all, actually, but it might be overpriced when they come to Indonesia.. 
so, I think I want to try the lip lacquer and nail polishes first.

What do you think about this collection?
What products do you want to try?



  1. I want to try the lip lacquer and nail polishes too! I know right skin food is somewhat pricey in the counter, maybe I'll buy them online.

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    1. yeah, selisihnya jauh banget dari harga di korea, lol. hope they'll available soon at online shop ;)

  2. Wow! the packaging is super cute!!! (the whole concept, actually!) XD super curious with the lip lacquer!

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    1. yes they are all soo lovely <3
      Thank you for visiting, Tiffani! followed you back ;)

  3. waaa lucu sekaliii koleksi2nya >___<
    mupengg! hahaha

  4. Even though I love and want this whole collection basically, it really does look the same as their rose line from last year =(

    1. yes, I think Skinfood is not as innovative as Etude in terms of concept..

  5. packagingnya cute beud tapi lip lacquernya yang paling bikin aku mupeng. warnanya bagus2

    following you ^^

    1. Hi, Yuni! hihi emang racun yah warna-warnanyaa, bikin pengen ngeborong semuaa lol
      followed you back dear, thank you^^

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    1. yeah, indeed! thank you for visiting Danielle :)

  7. Replies
    1. bangeet XD
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  8. It looks so cute!!! I will love to try the lip lacquer and the nail polish!!!

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  9. ini dari korea sist??

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