Hi, I'm Lova, a 25 year old from Indonesia. 

I love anything vintage, dark and dreamy. I love fashion since I was a little girl, but my interest about makeup probably started when I was on my last year at the university.. and I begin to love beauty & makeup even more since then. Well, basically, I love arts, any kind of them, and I see fashion and beauty as an art.

And at the top of all, I'm a shopaholic.

“Crying is for plain women. Pretty women go shopping.” — Oscar Wilde

For any questions, business inquiries and sponsorship, feel free to contact me at lovadlina@gmail.com.


Welcome to clovers and carousel, my little sanctuary about everything I madly fond about, or simply can't life without. I share anything here, from inspiring beauty to vintage musings, from mesmerizing melody to silent daydreams. A place that you can sit back, relax and have a cup of tea.

And remember, nice dresses and nice makeup may be the key to look pretty all the time, but our brain and personality are the truly beauty. Every time you walk out home, wear your brightest smile and you're good to go!

“Happy people are beautiful.” — Drew Barrymore

Enjoy reading 

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