Monday, 27 January 2014

Skinfood Nail Vita BR613 Mocha Gold

Sometimes I want to look more mature on formal occasions like a friend's wedding. And I found myself keep reaching this Skinfood Nail Vita in BR613 Mocha Gold, from their Brown and Beige Line.

Product Description
Enriched with vitamins and keratin, this long-lasting nail polish protects dehydrated and rough nails, with enhanced shine.

Nothing special, but like usual, Skinfood' packaging has more vintage vibe than other brands. I bought this last year, and I think now Skinfood already have new packaging for their Nail Vita. The new packaging has rounder shape than the old one. I do not usually wear nail polishes, maybe only once a month, so one bottle really lasts me for a long time.

Color & Pigmentation
Skinfood Nail Vita BR613 Mocha Gold has a nice, soft golden color and metallic, glossy finish. The gold is not over-striking and match my medium skin tone very well. One stroke is good enough although  it still uneven, so I need two coats to reach bottle shade.

Application & Quality
The consistency is just right, neither to thick nor too runny. The brush is easy enough to use and glides smoothly on my nails. Without top coat, Skinfood Nail Vita BR613 Mocha Gold could stay about 3 days before slowly begins to fade.

Price & Availability
For 13 ml it costs me IDR18.000 or about USD2. Available at any Skinfood stores, but I got mine from online shop, so it may be cheaper than at official stores.


Skinfood Nail Vita BR613 Mocha Gold has good quality and I definitely recommend this to you who like golden colors. 
Just grab this and make your nails pop without too much effort. 
Very suitable for formal occasions!


What's your current nail color?


  1. this gold nail polish shade is beautiful!!! thank you for sharing!♡

    (Join my blog International Giveaway ♡! 21 items- lots of Japanese makeup and beauty products including cosmetics from Diamond Beauty, Candydoll, Dollywink, etc!)

    1. Hi Hazel, yes it's indeed very beautiful! thanks for your lovely comment :)
      I'll check your blog! x

  2. Ini bagus banget warnanya :o btw, blog mu bagus banget, rapiii. Suka deh hahah. Aku udah follow, follback yaa :D

  3. thanks for review Lova!

    baru tahu kalo di skinfood nail polish nya lebih murah di banding Face Shop ya, tau gitu dari dulu2 beli di Skin Food aja, lagian kualitasnya juga sama.

    anyway, enjoy reading ur blog!

    1. thank you, Imelda :)
      yup aku suka dua2nya tapi kalo packaging lebih suka si skinfood ini ^^


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