Tuesday, 31 January 2017

SECRET KEY 24K Gold Premium First Cream

Skincare routine is the most important part of beauty regiment. I have dry-combination skin. If I spent too much time in air-conditioned room, my skin became really dry and peeled on certain areas. Really scary.
I've tried several skincare products but none were suitable enough for my skin. Then, I found these holy grail: Secret Key 24K Gold Premium Series.

*) This post is about SECRET KEY 24K Gold Premium First Cream, for SECRET KEY 24K Gold Premium First Essence check this post.


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. Filling skin from inside with nourishment and moisture. Perfect soothing and skin-arranging effect. Niacinamide and Adenosine take effect in whitening and Anti-Wrinkle.
HOW TO USE. Apply appropriate amount at the last step of basic skin care, smooth over it.
INGREDIENTS. See picture below.

The packaging is really simple, with gold cap and gold ornaments. The quality of the packaging is also quite decent. This product does not come with spatula, so for hygienic reason, you might use your own spatula.

As you can see for the picture above, the cream is white with gold particles. Despite of the thick texture, the cream absorbed easily and feels really light on the skin (I hate sticky feeling on my face). After a month use, my skin become more supple and moist.
It smells a bit strong but I do not mind at all. I think the smell is pretty good.
Secret Key also claimed that this product does not contain Paraben, Artificial Coloring, Mineral Oil, Phenoxyethanol and Benzophenone (5 free system). 

I only paid IDR 155.000 (approx USD 14) for 50g product. Considering the quality this is such a great deal. Lately you can find Secret Key products easier because they already opened official stores on several countries. I bought this from Hermo Indonesia.

This is a great product with affordable price that do the claims really well. It's not sticky and easily absorbed into my skin. After a month use, I notice my skin has become more supple and moist. My acne scars slowly fade and I think this product also slightly brighten my complexion. For the anti aging claim I cannot see it yet. This product also free from Paraben, Artificial Coloring, Mineral Oil, Phenoxyethanol and Benzophenone (5 free system). Yay!
Overall I really recommend SECRET KEY 24K Gold Premium First Cream to anyone whose looking for affordable cream with anti aging properties.

+ Affordable
+ Do the claims well
+ Do not break me out
+ Not sticky
+ 5 free system


What's your current fave night cream?



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