Tuesday, 4 March 2014

theBalm Instain Blush in Swissdot

Blushing cheeks can give you instant fresh-look. Because not everyone gifted the ability to blush their cheeks naturally (like me), blush on/blusher can give you the similar effect. Thus, today I want to share with you about my favorite blush now, theBalm Long Wearing Staining Powder Blush Instain, or for short, theBalm Instain Blush, in Swissdot.

theBalm Instain Blush in Swissdot comes in a magazine-themed, sturdy card-box packaging with magnetic closure. I think theBalm always the best in terms of packaging, vintage and cute at the same time. The orange dots inside makes me dig it even more. There is a mirror inside, small but it's enough for touch up. As a side note, the pattern of the packaging surrounding the blush pan matches the color and name of the blush.

theBalm Instain Blush in Swissdot has orange-peach color. The main appeal of this blush are the fact that it's meant to be a long lasting formula that actually stains the cheeks. The texture is buttery and smooth to the touch and applies very easily.

Retail around USD23, you may think this is too much for just a blush, but as you can expected for the price, I can say this blush is super pigmented! If you have a fair skin tone, use a very light hand when applying this blush because the crazy pigmentation may make you to look like a clown. It's best to build up the color until you get the hang of the intensity.
theBalm Instain Blush in Swissdot does not come with brush so you may think that will be a fuss every time you want to touch-up, BUT that's really an unnecessary thought, because this blush is really long-lasting! I applied it on 8 a.m and on 6 p.m it only fades a bit. 

 I totally recommend theBalm Instain Blush in Swissdot to all of you blusher lover out there. It has a sturdy and cute packaging and comes with a good sized mirror for touch-ups. Although I do not wear blush that often, I love this!

+ super pigmented
+ stays on forever
+ travel friendly
+ adorable and great quality packaging
+ you get what you pay for

you may...
if you want a natural and long-lasting peachy cheek without too much effort
if you're heavy-handed and/or looking for more affordable blusher


What's your favorite blusher? Do you wear it daily?



  1. aduh bikin mumpeng...mauuu!

  2. iya emang pigmented banget ini. untuk kualitasnya emang worth it sih

    1. yup, jadinya nggak nyesel belinya walaupun harus nabung dulu :D

  3. I love the packaging ^^ Thanks for reviewing dear!

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    1. yeah, theBalm's packaging never go wrong lah ya :D thank you Mitch ^.~

  4. Ya ampun warnanya..... (sukaaaaaa)....
    Bikin ngiler aja review kamu adlina (o_o)(')

  5. Great review~~! The packaging is so cute


  6. hi Alyss, thank you for visiting ^^


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