Tuesday, 25 March 2014

TonyMoly CatChu Wink Tony Tint in Orange Cha Cha

Since I started to love makeup, lip tint has become one of my fave beauty products. I like the liquid texture of lip tint because I personally do not like putting something sticky on my lips. And my fave lip tint at the moment is TonyMoly CatChu Wink Tony Tint in Orange Cha Cha. Please keep reading to know more about my thoughts about this tint.

Liquid type tint for the vivid and vibrant lip color. It's absorbed rapidly in lips because Jojoba seed oil is contained and cellular regeneration ability is excellent and encourage plow power and elasticity. 10 ml.
Tips: Use a tip to take a moderate amount, apply starting the inside of the lip lightly towards the outside
Ingredients: The main ingredient of this tint is jojoba Oil and Stevia. Jojoba oil claims to be able to inhibit moisture loss, prevent oxidation of the skin and also spots and wrinkle suppression. While Stevia claims to be able to do antiviral action, improve immunity, maintain healthy cells and rich in carotene.

TonyMoly CatChu Wink Tony Tint in Orange Cha Cha comes with an ultra-cute packaging. There's a cute cat head on the cap! (Well, the cat head was the main reason that made me purchase this tint.) The tube is made out of hard plastic and seems sturdy. The cap closes really firmly and the size of the tube is so skinny, this tint can be stored in any makeup pouch with no worry it will come off, very travel friendly.

As you can see, this tint comes with a slanted applicator, not a doe foot applicator like another lip tints. It's flatter and more rounded at the tip. I personally like this applicator more than the usual doe foot. A lot easier to use.

TonyMoly CatChu Wink Tony Tint in Orange Cha Cha has a bright, vivid orange color. It may looked too much at first, but it turned out to a natural, soft peach color when applied to lips.
The texture is really watery, making this tint so easy to blend. It dried matte finish, and leave stain on the lips. The staying power is quite long, 5-6 hours with eating/drinking. Due to the watery texture, this tint feels drying on the lips. But you can always apply lip balm.

TonyMoly CatChu Wink Tony Tint in Orange Cha Cha has a slightly fruity scent, like an artificial orange smell, that fades away quickly. I accidentally lick it few times, and like the other tints, this tastes bitter. It doesn't really matter for me, but if you do not like bitter taste lip products, well, maybe this product is not for you.

This tint costs me IDR 47.000 (USD4).

I definitely recommend TonyMoly CatChu Wink Tony Tint in Orange Cha Cha. With the cheap price you got long lasting, vivid colored lip tint with adorable packaging. Perfect combo. Although it's a bit drying, I still use this lip tint everyday because I love how it looks so natural on my lips. I just need to exfoliate my lips before and apply lip balm.

+ Easy to blend
+ Long lasting
+ Good pigmentation
+ Adorable packaging
- A bit drying

you may....
if you love lip tints (and cute packaging. CATS!)
if you're not a fan of drying and bitter taste lip products


What's your favorite lip tint?




  1. i'm using this too but in the red shade. my most favorite liptint so far <3


    1. yeah tonymoly has the best lip tint imo :D

  2. aduhh belum kesampaian mau beli lip tint...kayanya kudu nyoba ini deh..apalagi harganya murah :D
    thanks ya buat review nya :)))

  3. Such a pretty shade!! Great review! :)

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    1. hi Charu, thank you for stopping by. I've followed you via GFC :)

  4. Lova, I nominate you for Liebster Award ya ;)))

    1. ah makasih kak Imelda! langsung cus bikin postnya :D

  5. it looks great on you!!
    i have just followed your blog via GFC
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    1. hi Fhenny! difollow blogger sekece kak fhenny, seneng banget!
      thank you :D I've followed you back ;) x

  6. Lovely review. This Tony Moly products has been on my mind for a while, very interested coz of the cute packaging but since you said it has sort-of-drying effect I wont buy it :)


    1. yes actually I bought it only for the packaging at first. thank you for stopping by, Christine :)

  7. Replies
    1. Hi theodora! Aku beli ini di riebutik.com :)


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