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Which Hairstyle Suits You the Most?

Before the hot and dry season begin, you may be thinking ahead to cutting your long hair. You might want to reconsider after reading this article. What can you expect once you cut your long hair? What changes can you expect in your daily routine? It will grow back if you dislike having short hair, so what is the big deal? Read on for why you should think carefully before taking the plunge and cutting off your long hair.


If you want hair that looks feminine and elegant, getting long haircut may be a good solution for you. Many people can pulls up this hairstyle even more than shorter ones. There are many different varieties and styles for you to choose from, which means you can likely find a style that fits your personality and preferences perfectly.

1. You can do a lot with it. You can tie it. Curl it. Make an updo. You can just do anything, the possibilities are endless.
Easy Peasy.
2. You can always cut it off if you hate it. If you change your mind about your flowing locks, you can fix the situation by cutting it.
3. If you care about this - men often love long haired girls more than short haired ones. Because long hair is that classy. And elegant. And ladylike.
So you think you can touch my hair, guys?
5. Braids. Braids are amazing. They’re pretty and a little bit dreamy if you do them messy enough.
OK, I can't do braids like that.
6. You can do this.
Bitxh I'm fabulous.

1. It gets stuck everywhere. Everywhere. Mouth, lipgloss, bag straps, other people’s hands..
2. You have to seriously take care of it. If you don’t, long hair can look either a bit distasteful or straight out like you came out of a swamp. Needless to say, it’s both expensive and time consuming.
3. Tend to look weird sometimes. You will hear people said, "Is that her hair reaching her butt??" 
Rapunzel? Is that you?

4. Can easily look boring. Especially if your hair color is usual, texture is also usual and well, length happens to be the common one, too. Kudos if you’re cool with that, but it just does not seem like a good thing to me.

5. Dries forever. If you hate using blow dryers, this becomes even worse. I often used a fan, yes, a fan, to help dried my hair fast without the heat and side-effect of the blow dryers.


If you want hair that is fun, easy to maintain, and sleek at all times, getting short haircut may be a good solution for you. These hairstyles will make you look chic and self-confident. Because short haircut are so popular nowadays, there are many different varieties and styles for you to choose from, which means you can likely find a style that fits your personality and preferences perfectly.

1. Appropriate for every hair type, whether thin or thick, straight or curly, young or mature. Even if you have extremely thin hair, cutting it short can increase its volume.
Try textured bob if you have thin hair.

2. Perfect for a busy lifestyle, and wearing these styles can help boost your self-confidence and ensure you look your best at all times. 
Simple but gorgeous!

3. Less time spent washing and drying long hair. A short hairdo can be washed and dried in a third of the time that long hair takes. Depending on what short hairstyle you are sporting, it could be wash and go! 

4. Can help you look younger, especially if you have thinning hair. In addition, wrinkles are less visible with short hair than they are with long hair.
Fresh looking face. Is that any other recipe to look younger?

5. Much easier to manage and maintain than longer styles, as it requires much less time for everyday styling and care. And short haircut means: no hair in your face, no hair in your mouth and no pulled-by-accident hair!


1. Less choice of hairstyle. You can't tie your hair. Or make an updo. You just can't. Well, unless you're wearing a wig.
2. You could be mistaken for a man if you are sporting a short hair cut. This will apply more to flat-chested women.
3. Bad hair days are really bad hair days when you have a short hair cut. With long hair, you can put your hair into a ponytail if all else fails, but with short hair, you really have to work at it with a curling iron to get it worthy of walking out the door!
4. Takes years to grow back. Yes, I just said hair grows back. It does. If you hate your new short hair style, it will take years to grow back out to the same length as before.
5. You will blend in with the crowd. Long hair makes you stand out as short hair is more common these days.


There are pros and cons of having short hair and long hair. It will depend on your own lifestyle as to which is best for you personally. If you are unsure about going short for the hot time, you could cut/trim only three centimeters of hair off each week and see how you like it. 

Go short gradually and you might find the right length of hair just for you.


What's your favorite hairstyle? Long or Short?



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image source: pinterest
edited by me


  1. I prefer long hair than short. Because when I cut my hair short, I can't control my curly hair LOL!

    1. tapi rambut kamu bagus ririe, ikalnya naturaal kayak keriting gantung gitu, :3

  2. I love short hair coz its easily maintained and look fresh but at the moment, I'm trying to keep my hair longer so that I can have lots of wedding hair style choices. ^^

    1. hi Frydolina! ah you're getting married soon? congratulations dear ^^

  3. Reading your post, "u will be mistaken as a man..." part, is quite cute & funny!

    Anyway, i would always prefer long hair!

  4. I got a short hair now. Kinda love it. Before my current hair, I got a really short hair in Beckham way. But before that, I got a really long thick wavy hair. The problem with me and long hair was I don't like the smell of hair saloon. So I got my hands full just doing hair... And its tiring...

    Mampir ke blog ku yah. Ada postingan tutorial baru menggunakan warna paling hits tahun ini.


    1. yeah taking care the long hair is really tiring sometimes.. rambut pendek malah enak bikin adem hehehe
      miss plum cucok kok pake rambut pendek :3

  5. Aku sebenernya lebih suka rambut pendek cos it suits my personality more...tapi kalo secara look, aku lebih bagusan rambut panjang :DD...

    1. yang sekarang juga cocok banget kok kak :D

  6. I prefer the long hair, now I´m following you in Bloglovin´#9 and GFC #60
    I hope your follow me back in both1
    Comment to me back to keep in touch~

    1. hi Sakuranko! I've followed you since long ago dear ;)
      thank you for visiting!

  7. Such a great post! I love your opinion on both hairstyles!

  8. sadly, short hair just doesn't work for me :( rambutku tebel, ngembang, dan wavy, jadi kalo dipotong diatas bahu malah kelihatan kaya singa. not so cool! I prefer medium/long hair with layers, dan layer ini pun paling pendek juga 1-2 cm diatas bahu.. :)

    1. iyaa suka envy deh sama orang yang cocok pake rambut pendek apalagi pixie cut >.<
      thank you for reading Kath! ;)

  9. I used to wear my hair short, cut to my shoulders because I thought I could not grow it long. Stopped getting it cut in the salon and now have my boyfriend trim it for me. Guess what? My hair can grow long! When I ask for a half inch trim, that is what I get, not five inches off. It is long enough to braid now, I get compliments on them and people think I am about ten years younger than I am because the longer hair makes me look younger. Long hair rocks!


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